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Welcome to Autism York

Welcome to York AutismThe mission of Autism York is to provide support to individuals on the autism spectrum, their parents, families and friends. Our group exists for the sole purpose of providing support in a safe and friendly environment. It is the intention of Autism York as a group to promote understanding and respect of all families and the choices they make regarding therapies and interventions. Through this group we will offer opportunities for families and individuals on the autism spectrum to learn, grow, and develop relationships that help guide one another through this journey.

Autism York sponsors events and programs at low or no cost to families and individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder in our community. Monthly meetings, educational seminars, social outings, a lending library, a resource directory, community awareness programs, family education sponsorships, and support for families and individuals are all made possible through tax deductible donations to Autism York.

Autism York is first and foremost a family support group. Nothing we do is intended to provide therapeutic benefit. Autism York strongly encourages families and individuals to utilize and rely on the advice of professional service providers as indicated by their individual situations. The information and resources we provide are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice.


Autism York is proud to have the support of many community groups and agencies. Without these generous organizations and individuals, we would not be able to continue to provide support to the local autism community. Thank you to each and every one of our contributors for helping to bring support, education, and awareness of autism to York, Adams, and surrounding counties.


The 4th Annual Riders Rally for Autism Event, sponsored by the York Motor Cycle Club, raised a total of $3,100.  This was an amazing event with new vendors and a fun scenic ride through york county’s country side!  We thank you and appreciate your continued support!


The American Legion Post # 543 in Red Lion, raised $1,000 towards the York Motorcycle Club's 4th Annual Rider's Rally for Autism Event.  It was a beautiful day for a ride! Thank you for your participation and support of this annual event!


SHS Best Buds Club is a social organization that matches students with special needs who seek social role models, with other students, who serve as their peer mentors. The club consists of buds (the students who are looking for social opportunities), and peers (role models who are matched with the buds). Buds and peers spend time together, attend events, and talk frequently. The 2014 Best Buds Walk donated $1,200 to Autism York.

SSE Autism Awareness Walk & Fundraiser

Sinking Springs Elementary School held their first annual WALK on Friday April 4, 2014. Students in Mrs. Antoun's, Mrs. Hartman's, and Miss Ilgenfritz's 4th grade classes made bracelets & puzzle pins for Autism Awareness Month, where each student in school received an item of their choice. Suggested donation was a quarter per item. They collected 740 quarters, and raised $185 for Autism York!

Student fundraising

Brandon was assigned a community service project for a college freshmen course at Mount Aloysius College. Instead of doing a recycling project or a car wash, he chose to design an autism bracelet in honor of his 6 year old brother Christian, sell the bracelets and donating the proceeds to Autism York. Brandon raised $442. "Solving the puzzle...One piece at a time.

Mr. Hoopers 5th grade class at Lincoln Charter School had a bake sale to support Autism York. They set a goal of $100 and raised $233! Students not only created the flyer for the event but they stuck together like a family for their classmate, who's little brother is on the autism spectrum.

Danielle is a Senior at Bermudian Springs High School.
For her senior project, she is crocheting scarves in different
lengths and many different colors. She has raised
$570.75 for Autism York.

Danielle says, "My brother and sister
both have autism and I want show how passionate I am about spreading the world that even though they are different than us, they have feelings, just like us. And those feelings are fragile. They need our love and support to get through this world. Thank you for helping with my senior project and making my dreams come true."

THANK YOU, Danielle for your generous donation.

Annual Golf Outing

$2,826 was raised at the 3rd Annual Golf Outing sponsored by Cooperlily & Blue. Thank you to April Handy, Gettysburg Links, and all the golfers and sponsors who have supported this annual event to benefit Autism York.


A heartfelt thank you to both Mack Madness and B-Tropical for their continued support of Autism York. $1,000 was donated from their annual charity event held in memory of McKenzie who passed away due to complications from Leukemia in February 2009. To learn more about Mack Madness and it's mission, go to


Congratulations to Darryl Spangler on his 4 hour 11 minute accomplishment in the Bob Potts Marathon! Darryl proudly wore the Autism York logo and raised over $1,600!